Belly Ring

Belly Ring

Heart Belly Button Rings Continue to be the Most Popular

Of all the creative styles and options of belly button rings available, heart belly button rings continue to be the most popular. Heart belly button rings are available in dangling, non-dangling, reverse and spiral styles and come in many colors. Some have gems and some do not, but heart belly button rings are a top seller for most belly ring retailers.

Like all belly button rings, it’s important to sterilize the ring as soon as you get it. Because of the handling that takes place during packaging, it’s vital that you take responsibility for the cleanliness of your own ring. Germs can always cause problems in a piercing, especially if it’s relatively new.  Don’t be fooled though, an older piercing can suffer as well.

There are a variety of options for sterilizing your belly button ring, but most places recommend using warm soapy water to clean the ring before you insert it into the piercing. Another option is to “autoclave”  your belly jewelry at a local salon or tattoo parlor. This is a way to sterilize your jewelry using extremely high temperatures.

You should always avoid using rubbing alcohol or other abrasive materials to clean your heart belly button ring, or any other body jewelry.

Heart belly button rings are generally the most popular because they meet the needs of so many belly button ring wearers. They can symbolize love, and are great for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. But they’re also the kind of belly button ring you can wear every single day for every single occasion. There are so many diverse heart belly button rings available that one is sure to meet the needs of every person who desires a heart ring.

Belly button rings are a popular fashion accessory among teenage and young adult girls. In addition, they are growing in popularity for pre-teens and males as well. This style is a veteran at 20 years old and will not disappear any time soon. Heart belly button rings are at the top of the list so go ahead and get one for yourself and enjoy the trend.


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Jade Greene is an expert in belly button rings.

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