Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry Is For Everyone by James Arthurs

Fashion Jewelry
Fashion jewelry is jewelry thought to be both affordable and trendy among women. At one time it was known as paste jewelry because it was stuck to the costumes of actresses, and added shine and glitter to them. Later on fashion jewelry used for costumes came to be known as costume jewelry.

Today, a more appropriate definition of fashion jewelry is jewelry that is in vogue †that is a jewelry that is in fashion. You’ll see actresses wear jewelry on television. They’re the hot rocks every woman wants to sport. Sometimes timeless pieces of vintage jewelry may also become fashionable, But then such jewelry is available with only a few people. ie ya gotta have the bucks.

Unlike gold or platinum jewelry, fashion jewelry can be bought by all people. It is much more affordable as compared to gold or platinum jewelry or jewelry studded with semiprecious stones. You don’t need the rich stuff to get sparkle. Dirt cheap bright stones can spice your rings, chains, chokers and bracelets. You can see them advertised on places like Jewelry Television.

The materials that are used for making fashion jewelry range from wood to synthetic materials. Carved or engraved wood jewelry is especially popular among teenagers. Rhinestone is another favorite–and its not just for cowboys. Rhinestone is used in rings, bracelets and chains by many happy women. Another material that is commonly used is Lucite; it is synthetically produced. Besides this, synthetically produced gemstones are also used to make jewelry sets. Acrylic and ceramic though not that common are also used for designing.

Almost all the settings are done on a base metal. Brass comes first. But there’s also copper and silver. They are cheaper as compared to other metals. They are also easy to work on. Many have found a liking for green or even pink gold, which is produced by adding other metals to gold to produce a slight hue. Gold plated jewelry and gold filled jewelry also form an important part of fashion jewelry offerings.

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