Fashion Jewelry Pendants

Fashion Jewelry Pendants and How to Wear Them
Pendants are one of the most important parts of a necklace. It is where the piece gets most attention and is most of the time, the focal point of the entire necklace or even your whole outfit. Thus, fashion jewelry pendants should be a very important factor when shopping for necklaces. So let us help you out. Listed below are the different kinds of pendants used for different occasions and the right outfits that you should wear them with.

Birthstone Pendants

Birthstone pendants are fashion jewelry pendants that can be the perfect piece for everyday wear. They can be paired with a simple silver or gold chain and is a great accessory for “glamming” up even the most basic everyday wear. Birthstone pendants in a way are very special because they signify a specific birth month for every person. If you want to make this into an everyday casual wear, then a simple, small to medium sized stone will do perfectly.

Gold Pendants

Nothing says elegance better than those gold fashion jewelry pendants. Gold pendants are great pieces to put on during formal occasions. They can go well on practically any kind of color but is most flattering on black dresses. And you do not have to worry about looking all too formal because there are now plenty of simpler designs that can go great with casual dresses as well. They are a little bit pricier compared to the other pendants, but they are definitely well worth the investment.

Platinum Pendants

A platinum pendant is a great piece to wear during casual parties and nightouts. Platinum fashion jewelry pendants now come in different sizes and shapes – from skulls, hearts, landmark replicas and many others. Whatever you feel like being for the night, you are sure to find that specific pendant that will make you look like it.

Customized Pendants

Customized pendants are now becoming one of the most popular fashion pendants today. You can customize that piece using any kind of material – from gold, platinum, silver and many others. Pendants like these are considered to be very sexy, which makes it even more of a hit for most of the women.

Large Pendants

Fashion pendants such as the large pendants are a sure way for you to make a statement. Large pendants can be made out of various materials – from beads, wood, steel, silver, platinum and many others. They look great both in long and short chains, which of course, should depend on the kind of neckline you are donning on. Large pendants are mostly used as a focal point for the whole outfit so make sure that your piece compliments your clothes well.

Today, fashion jewelry pendants can come in a wide range of prices – from a few dollars to thousands. But when picking the right pendant, you should always consider the kind of outfit that you are planning to wear it with – from the color of your outfit, your neckline and even on the occasion that you are going to

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