Gold Ring

Gold Ring

Gold Rings

A Gold Ring is undoubtedly the most popular among all kinds for any occasion. It is sleek, looks classy, and lasts very long. Also, Gold can be made into any shape and style, and size and can be worn anytime anywhere, with any outfit. It is the perfect gift for any occasion and symbolises a feeling of love.

There can be 3 types of gold rings – White gold, Rose gold, and the more common Yellow Gold. These rings are weighed in karats, which may be 9k, 14k, 18k, or 24k. The best gold quality is incurred with the 18k gold as it has unique characteristics, ideal for a ring. Although a gold ring may lose its brilliant shine after long years of use, it can always be polished by any jeweller to bring back its look.

The best gemstone to enhance a gold rings beauty is the diamond. It is the undisputed companion of a gold ring. This combination reflects a sense of power and a lasting commitment, along with a timeless commitment that appeals to every person. A diamond and gold ring can also be chosen in a diverse range of styles and designs. They are also extremely durable, withstanding any kind of usage. However, adding a diamond to the gold band would, needless to say, make it an expensive ring.

The most decisive factor while purchasing a gold ring is its size. However, other factors like style, cost and its durability must also be looked into. Also, the fact that gold can be mixed with other metal alloys is a very important consideration. Mixing gold with alloy makes it easier to shape into any design one wishes. White Gold is formed by alloying gold with platinum or nickel, and rose gold is obtained with a combination of gold and copper. The most popular among these however, is the yellow plain gold, which also makes for the most expensive rings.

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