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Travel jewelry cases are part and parcel of our history. From the royal caskets used for carrying the precious jewels of the nobility (and guarded carefully by an attendant at all times) to the small, portable, travelling jewelry rolls of today, which can easily be tossed into a purse, backpack, gym bag, or suitcase, travel jewelry cases have accompanied people of every economic stripe on journeys ranging from a few hours to the neighboring town to weeks or months traveling around the world.

The reason travel jewelry cases continue to be popular is that they serve a purpose. They organize and protect one’s precious jewelry, whether real or costume. They can be simple jewelry rolls with inner pouches for the stored jewelry, or they can be small wooden or leather boxes with cushioned compartments. Some of the more elaborate ones even have smaller detachable cases, for tossing into a purse for an evening.

Guides for Choosing Travel Jewelry Cases:

• Take the user’s personality into account. Are they likely to be traveling with a little jewelry or a lot, and what types of jewelry will they be taking? If your recipient wears only earrings and rings, a travel jewelry case with several necklace rolls and no secure earring storage will not be a great gift

• Think about how the recipient travels. If he or she is more likely to toss a couple of clothing changes into a backpack or duffel bag, a heavy wooden travel jewelry case will not be a great choice, but a zippered leather pouch might be prefect. This is also true for someone who travels by air, since additional baggage weight needs to be reduced or avoided.

• Business travelers, who spend much of their time away from home, will appreciate sturdier travel jewelry cases because they need to carry more of their situation-appropriate jewelry with them.

All in all, travel jewelry cases have even a larger part to play today than ever before, largely because the number of jewelry wearers who travel has increased logarithmically. Throughout history, the majority of travelers did so for business or political reasons. Now there are more people who travel for pleasure because travel is much more affordable for the average person than it was even a few short decades ago. More travel means more jewelry is transported during trips which, in turn, means a greater need for travel jewelry cases, so that the jewelry is well-protected and properly stored during those trips

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