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if a person is an interior designer does he get to design all kind of designing like buildings, shopping…?

if a person is an interior designer does he design all kind of design like buildings(outside design), shopping center, and other advertisement like houses and all other stuff…and my other question is that if i major in “fashion designing”…wat kind of design it includes…(clothing,shoes,jewelry,or other spicific accessories)..

An interior designer work on the interior, but he/she would work very closely with an architect. Some interior designers working on a larger budget may change structural elements within a building, but would be working closely with an architecture or/and contractor. In some cases, they may also design the facade (outside appearance) of a building. This can be any building…residential or commercial. Though, normally if an interior designer is designing the interior of a shopping center, he probably works for a larger design company that specializes in building/designing shopping centers and public spaces. He/she would then be working with contractors, architects and environmental designers as well. But you will learn quickly that in the design field…everything and everyone’s jobs can overlap. Nothing has to be clear cut. If you have the will and desire to design something…you can probably find a way to make it happen.

Check out the following blog- it shows how multidisciplinary interior design can be, if you want it to be.

As for fashion design, it means quite specifically the design of clothing. You would learn how to sew, create patterns, to sketch and draw your ideas, about different textiles. You could design shoes, but most likely delegate the making of shoes to a shoemaker. Same with jewelry…design it, then delegate it to someone else who understands jewelry design. Regardless, you would have to work closely with other talented people to make your designs a reality.

Very few successful fashion designers have the time to sew every outfit they design. Few designers, like Vera Wang, had no previous fashion background (She studied art history. I believe she started out working as an editor at Vogue, and then as a design director for Ralph Lauren…but other than fashion design background). Her success can be attributed to her savvy business skills.

Like I mentioned earlier, in design, the different fields of design can overlap. You have fashion designers like Vera Wang designing crystal ware and mattresses. And you have interior designers making table ware and carpets. And graphic designers making t-shirts and purses. And architects who design all aspect of their building including the interior and furniture. So there is no clean cut line. Certainly if you purse anyone of those careers, you will take clear cut classes. But as to how you apply your knowledge after your career takes off…thats up to you!

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